Keep Spreading Lindsey Love

This blog is dedicated to the best violinist on the world Lindsey Stirling. She is my inspiration. <3 KSLL.! :D

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Vine from ImGavi:

She’s resorted back to street performing… How sad! 

So beautiful :&#8217;)

Music video challenge.

Music video challenge.

So true..

Lindsey helped me get out of my depression after leaving my country. I had to leave my best friend who was like sister for me and my grandparents. And now thanks her and her music everything is alright, I have a power to live and I have with me wonderful people who are with me all time. That&#8217;s the reason why I love Lindsey so much and of course because of the best music in the whole world. She will be always my fav musician. &lt;3

Best friends :D
Backstage area at the ‪#‎pemburtonfestival2014‬ yesterday was kinda like Twighlight.. With a huge swing! Weeee!&#8221;

Lindsey at Pemberton Music And Arts Festival

Have a Lindseytastic day guys&#160;! :D

Insta from olkina26:

Master of Tides.